Coupeville School District Canopy Service Summary.pdf


If you find yourself in need of services, this is a great place to start.  Whether it is emergency counseling, legal consultation, identity theft, this EAP has quite a few options that members have found very useful.

Board Docs

If you want to search policy and procedure, check on the next school board meeting, or search Board Docs, this is a useful tool to determine your rights as an employee.

TPEP Professional Learning

WEA TPEP is now available.  Includes the new student growth goal rubrics as well as other TPEP updates.  While both new and previous rubrics can be used both this year and next year, the new rubrics will be required in 2024-2025.

Check out the links for dates and registration.

CEA Quarterly 2020.pdf

C.E.A. Quarterly

A work in progress Union Newsletter.  We are working to improve regularity.