Collective Bargaining Agreement and Documents

Collective Bargaining Documents

Agreements that are bargained between the Coupeville Education Association and the Coupeville School District that must be ratified by union membership and approved by the school board of directors are called Collective Bargaining Agreements.

2124 CEA CBA.pdf

2021-2024 CBA

pdf version of the CBA for the 2021-2024 school years.

2022-2023 Salary Schedule - Google Docs.pdf

2022-2023 Salary Schedule

pdf version of the Salary Schedule for the 2022-2023 Contract year. This reflects a 7.5% increase to the 2021-2022 salary schedule contained in the 2021-2024 CBA.

2021 CEA CBA FINAL (1).pdf

2020-2021 CBA

pdf version of the CBA for the 2020-2021 school years.

1820 CEA CBA FINAL.docx

2018-2020 CBA

docx version of the CBA for the 2018-2020 school years.

Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws set forth the guidance for the Coupeville Education Association.

CEA Constitution & By-Laws as of June 2021 WEB - Google Docs.pdf

2021 Constitution and Bylaws

pdf version of the most recent Constitution and Bylaws

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandums of Understanding, or MOUs are agreements reached between union leadership and the school district representative, usually the superintendent. These agreements do not require a vote of the membership.

COVID-19 MOU (1) (1).pdf


pdf version of MOU for the 2020-2021 school year

CEA MOU 2020-01 (1).pdf


pdf version of MOU for the 2020-01 COLA agreement

SEBB MOU 103019.pdf


pdf version of MOU for January 1, 2020 to present.